Entire Avatar + Phineas and Ferb Collection


Entire Avatar + Phineas and Ferb Collection | Laptop Stickers | Vinyl Decal | Hydroflask Stickers

  • A way to get all 5 Avatar stickers at a cheaper price!
  • These stickers are waterproof, glossy, laminated stickers that are a part of my TikTok series Phineas and Ferb + Avatar the Last Airbender!
  • I do not own the rights to Phineas and Ferb, Avatar the Last Airbender, or any other Disney or Nickelodeon ideas/themes.
  • They are waterproof but it is not recommended in dishwashers or microwaves! These are stickers not decals. (Main uses: Laptop Stickers, Luggage Stickers, Phone Stickers, etc.)
  • All credit goes to @megancreates on TikTok. (www.tiktok.com/@megancreates?lang=en)


The Phineas GAang Sticker

  •  3 inches in length.

Perry + Appa

  • 4 inches in length.

Busted by Azula

  • 3 inches in length.

Toph + Buford

  • 3 and a half inches in length.

OWCA + Zuko/Iroh Sticker

  • 3 inches in length.

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