How to Help a Small Business Owner on Instagram without even Purchasing Anything!

Nowadays there are so many small businesses out there. From artists and designers to trainers and coaches, from writers and translators to sewers and knitters. Every small business owner is taking a risk in pursuing their dream. With your help, my small business is booming and I couldn’t be more thankful and grateful for all of you guys’ support! You rock! That being said, there are lots of other businesses out there that could use some helping boosting their platform and help with making sales. Now before you go and buy something from every small shop you see on your Instagram, here’s a few a non-monetary tips for supporting small businesses on Instagram:

1. Follow Them!

The more followers a person has the more likely someone is going to see, trust, and purchase something from their shop. If you see something you like on their shop, go ahead and follow them for updates, sales, and other offers they may offer in the future.

2. Like Their Posts!

Liking a post says, “I approve of this.” Show some love to the items you like.

3. View Their Shop!

Check their shop often! Good small business owners are always adding new items to their catalog. Checking their shop once a week is a great way to get their items views up!

4. Save their posts!

This one may seem odd. You may be thinking, “If I don’t want to save this for later or to show to someone later, then why would I save it?” Well, Instagram really considers a persons’ post or item worth promoting if it gets a bunch of saves. They tend to feature the post on the explorer page if it gets lots of saves.

These are just a few ways to help and promote small business on Instagram! Comment any other ways you can think of to help a local small business near you!