I’m Meg, a Georgia-based artist, designer, and web developer with a deep appreciation for imagination and originality. Little Bitty Creativity was created as a place for me to share my projects, products, and passions!

My name is Megan Marie Morrison and I am an eighteen year old freelance designer and web developer from Georgia. I also travel the country making music with the Morrison Sisters (www.morrisonsisters.com).

Little Bitty Creativity originally began as an Instagram devoted to fashion, aesthetics, jewelry design, and other creative projects I was dabbling in at the time. It has grown and evolved over the past few years to become a business specializing in helping others with their creative needs.

I hope you find something that interests you! Be sure to stay connected with me on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

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I am a redeemed child of God who strives to serve Him in every aspect of my life.

My home church is Concord Baptist Church in Fairmount, Georgia.

Visit their website at Cbcfairmount.com.

I gave my heart and life to Jesus Christ as a young girl. Ever since then I have wanted nothing more than His absolute perfect will for my life. As the great Designer and Creator of the universe, He is my biggest inspiration!


Just a few of the areas I’d love to help you with.

Web Development

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Web Development

Web Development

Graphic Design