A New Journey

Hello friends! Thank you all for being so patient with me as I try and get my business up, running, and moving in the most efficient way. I’m not sure I am quite there yet but hopefully I am moving in the right direction! I wanted to give a little life update and let you all know what’s going on!

I am almost done with my Web Design and Development degree and couldn’t be happier! (To get the degree or be finished with college, you may ask, and the answer is: YES.) As the new year rolls in, my Dad and I are moving towards opening our new Web and Graphic Design Business very soon! Hopefully when it is all up and running, this site can be more of a personal thing for me and I can move all Graphic Design and Web Design clientele over to our new site!

Another new thing I have embarked in is…sticker making! It all really started back in June of 2020 (This shows that quarantine truly brings out the hidden talents and hobbies we have deep down!) when I posted some TikTok videos where I drew Avatar the Last Airbender characters mixed together with Phineas and Ferb characters. I was bored and had seen other people posting digital art videos so I thought I could do the same! I didn’t think they would go anywhere but it turned out, I was very mistaken. Shockingly, the videos went viral! After posting an entire series of these, I gained over 10k followers and have hit over half a million likes! As I developed the series, I kept getting comments about how people would be interested in purchasing these in some way. I tried to think of things I would like to receive with my favorite characters on them and the first thing that came to mind was t-shirts. However, I have no means of making those and it takes quite a big investment to open a shirt printing shop. I talked to some friends about it and one of my friends mentioned stickers. I personally love receiving stickers and have a very large collection of them for my laptop, bass case, water bottles, etc. Then my friend told me she wanted to give me her Cricut machine! Knowing how expensive they are I was extremely grateful! It took many tiresome hours, material choices, and settings to get my stickers the way I want them but I can finally say that I am happy with the way they are!

I hope this site can blossom into something great and enjoyable for viewers like you! Thank you again for all the support and I hope to write again soon!

Meg 🙂