2 Books for Quarantine

Anyone else bored? Like you have things you could be doing (like design projects, *hint* *hint* Megan…) but you’re just over it? Me too. I’ve found that when moments like these come around, nothing solves my problems more than a good book. Books have the power to stir something inside us and make us want to do something with our lives. A good adventure novel makes us want to go on an adventure of our own, while spiritual novelizations and devotionals inspire us to do more in our walk with God. I have found two books that help in both of these areas. I have put Amazon links to each of them. Let me know if you purchase one! Send me a message or comment below. I want to know what you think about it!

The Cross and The Switchblade

This book was given to me as a gift for my 17th Birthday but I did not start reading until sometime last year. This book has stirred up a fire in my heart for people who are lost spiritually and physically. This is a true story about a Pastor who left everything he owned to pursue a ministry for gangs in New York. It is truly inspiring and a real page turner. You might find yourself unable to put it down. It is incredible how God came through time and time again in the most unexplained ways. If you feel like your fire for the lost is diminishing and your faith is not near as strong as it used to be, I would DEFINITELY give this book a read.

Do Hard Things

This book is incredible. It was written by two teens who were tired of people underestimating and stereotyping young people. Now, I know what you’re thinking, and no, it is not another cheesy teen rebellion drama. It is “A teenage rebellion against low expectations.” It is about teens doing big things for God and for their futures. It is proving that adults are not the only ones who can choose to serve the Lord. They use Biblical standpoints and views to redefine what a teenager can accomplish through hard work, responsibility, and dedication. It is jam-packed with stories of real kids doing awesome things for God. It may be the most motivational book I have ever read. The foreword is by Chuck Norris. That alone should tell you something. Check out Alex and Brett Mason’s blog here and be sure to grab a copy of this book!