…a Georgia-based artist, designer, and web developer with a deep appreciation for imagination and originality. Little Bitty Creativity was created as a place for me to share my projects, products, and passions!

My name is Megan Marie Morrison and I am a twenty two year old freelance designer and web developer from Georgia. I also travel the country making music with the Morrison Sisters (www.morrisonsisters.com).

Little Bitty Creativity originally began as an Instagram devoted to fashion, aesthetics, jewelry design, and other creative projects I was dabbling in at the time. It has grown and evolved over the past few years to become a business specializing in helping others with their creative needs.

I hope you find something that interests you! Be sure to stay connected with me on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

God made me with two hands and a heart that desires to create and that is exactly what I try to do! He is my instructor and greatest inspiration in my personal creative process. In case you’re confused, let me explain.

The first thing God ever did for us was create art! “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” (Gen. 1:1) This beautiful, amazing earth that you and I call home is the first of God’s amazing works of art and He truly is the greatest artist known to man. As I strive to serve and worship the amazing Artist of the universe, I desire to use the gifts He has given me to create for His glory.

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